Russian cloud hosting release notification

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Dear everyone


         After a long period of preparation, our Russian cloud server is finally on sale.

Our Russian data center is located in the European fortress city --- Moscow.

Moscow has a unique geographical location. The network speeds connecting Europe,

the United States and China are all very superior. The average latency to Europe is 40ms and the fastest to reach China is only 90ms,

and the average delay to the United States is about 170ms.

     Similarly, we have equipped Chinese users with the most high-quality Chinese telecom enterprise network-China Telecom gia,

   which can directly connect to China in the fastest and most stable way.

    In the first week of the sale, We launched a short sale at the lowest price in history. 

    Hope you don’t miss it!

Thank you for your support and love




Sun Network Team