Notice of South African network maintenance on April 12th and 13th

  • 8th April 2023
Dear customer   I hope this email can find you well.You can receive this email because you are the holder of our South Africa service We plan to perform South African network maintenance on April 12th and 13th GM+2 As well as server relocation, there may be a 3-hour disconnection at that time.If you notice an outage on your server, don't ...
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We now support vps cross-region destroy and create vps!

  • 12th November 2022
HI,everyone    We now support vps cross-region transfer If you don't want to keep the vps of the current region You can migrate the location via the button on the vps panel When you create a vps in new region, the system will automatically destroy your current vps and created a new product vps in the new  region. Before you doing ...
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「justg 2021」The second promotion of Russian vps.

  • 6th April 2021
Hi   everyone.   Given that the market has responded well.   Russia's vps promotion time has been extended by one week.   And the price is slightly increased.   Special products are increased by 10usd, and customers who are interested in us can place an order as soon as possible.   This offer is valid for 7 days.   The end ...
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Russian cloud hosting release notification

  • 30th March 2021
Dear everyone            After a long period of preparation, our Russian cloud server is finally on sale. Our Russian data center is located in the European fortress city --- Moscow. Moscow has a unique geographical location. The network speeds connecting Europe, the United States and China are all very superior. The average latency to ...
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